You Have Quality People That Enjoy Working For You

Hi happy tint, 

Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how impressed I am with your business.

The whole process of getting my car windows tinted has exceeded all my expectations.

I booked in my window tinting at your Dandenong office last week. Martina was absolutely fantastic and very helpful. She called me the day before to confirm the booking and gave me instructions on finding the office. One the day, my dad was going to pick me up but instead she offered to drop me off to his office in Dandenong. That was very kind of her especially given that I am 8 months pregnant.

My car was ready in the advised timeframe and she contacted me promptly to let me know. Essie was there when I picked up my car. He was really helpful and gave me information on the tint and maintenance.

I am really happy with the quality of work done. The windows look great and the car feels so much cooler after being in sun all day. For the price I paid, I definitely feel like I got value for money.

You obviously treat your staff well as you have quality people that enjoy working for you, which is very difficult to find these days. The result is very happy customers!! 

Keep up the great work!!!

Dragana B