Common Energy Efficiency Mistakes That Homeowners Might Make

Boosting efficiency has always been a concern of a lot of homeowners all over the world, Australians included. The reason for this is very obvious, that is, everyone wants to live a comfortable life without spending much on utility costs. Despite this desire, however, it cannot be denied that there are still common energy efficiency mistakes that homeowners might make. What are these? Read on to find out.

Handling improvements without the help of experts

As part of your endeavour to save more on costs, you will surely like the idea of doing the home efficiency improvements on your own. You simply base the work on DIY efficiency tools that promise to help you with the job. Well, trying this method can cost you a lot most especially if you do not have enough background regarding all types of work expected to convert your home into an energy-efficient one. Take note that the process includes not just structural modifications and HVAC work but also window improvements which only experts can handle.

Failure to check on leaks

Leaks are not just about leaks on pipes but also those that allow air to escape in the atmosphere. Many times, when installing energy efficient solutions at home, you fail to check if the windows, walls and doorways have the proper protection against air leaks. This will not merely result to energy efficiency problems but will also sacrifice the comfort you have been expecting from the improvement.

Neglecting minor issues

When you have installed energy-efficient systems at home, tendency is you will presume you will pay lower utility bills next month even if you forget to turn off lights when you do not need them. You might even forget to turn off your home's gaming systems when not in use. Don't be in shock if your electricity charges pile up because even if you have energy-efficient solutions in place, your negligence will cost you a lot.

Lack of maintenance of energy-efficient systems

If you have forgotten to ask them to perform maintenance jobs on such systems, you will not be reaping the benefits you are expecting from the conversion even when your systems have been installed by an expert. You cannot use your busy schedule as an excuse to miss out on one of the most important aspects of keeping your systems functioning.

Forgetting about making your windows energy-efficient

Often, many people overlook the role of energy-efficient windows to have energy-efficient homes. You do not need to spend much on this endeavour. In fact, just by seeking the help of experts in residential window tinting, you will be able to save a lot when it comes to your utility cost. All you need is to choose window tinting product that will work best for your home improvement project.

Remember that what you do or not do can affect the success of your supposed energy-efficient system at home. You do not have to institute change right away if you have a limited budget. All you need is to start with those requiring minimal costs like home window tinting.

Are Decorative Window Tinting Films A Better Option For Your Home?

Before we get started, what really are decorative window tinting films? Well, these are thin sheets of vinyl that can transform just about any plain old window glass into something worth your attention. They are a smart and affordable way to brighten up your space while at the same time creating diffuse, ambient lighting. Decorative residential window tinting films are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. This makes them ideal for people looking for attractive and reasonably priced accents that are sure to get noticed.

What are the available decorative tinting film styles? 

While there are many different tinting film designs in the market, films that mimic actual decorative glass are the most prominent. In this case, films that have the appearance of etched or stained glass are preferable due to their classic and conventional aesthetics. Conversely, having etched or stained glass windowpane installed is a costly affair, and the results are normally permanent. On the other hand, with decorative window films, you have the option to have them removed if you do not like what you see after two or three years. Since tinting films are relatively affordable, you cannot spend beyond your set budget to get your desired results. 

Stained and etched glass designs are not the only options available when it comes to decorative window films. People with a taste for flare might want to consider films that look like paintings or murals. But if these are not what you are looking for, you can opt for textured tinting film varieties. These are designed to have a feel and look of block glass. 

Why install decorative films on your windows?

The main reason for installing decorative window films actually has very little to with decoration. For homeowners with spaces they don’t the outside looking in, the large majority of window films are designed to not only look good, but to also offer sufficient privacy. One of the best spaces in a home that  require decorative tinting films application is the bathroom as the need for privacy truly comes into play. For a fraction of the price of installing frosted glass, you can frost your own bathroom windows. And because these kinds of films are made for moisture resistance, you are sure to have the privacy you require for as long as you wish. 

How are decorative window tinting films installed?

In a majority of cases, installation of window films is quite straightforward.  Most of them are manufactured to stick to the glass without the need for an adhesive. Here is to go about the whole installation process. Start by washing the target surface with soapy water. Next, thoroughly wash your hands as the natural oils on them can leave imprints on the film. 

After this, peel the film from its backing and carefully apply it to the still moist glass. It is easier to position the film if the glass is still wet than doing so when dry. You might want to keep a spray bottle with sufficient soapy water handy during the installation process just in case. Lastly, smooth out the film with the right kind of a squeezing product, for instance a squeegee so as to get rid of excess water or air.

All in all, decorative window films can easily be cut with a pair of scissors or utility knife to fit any size glass. Remember to clean the film with soapy water to remove any dirt on the finished product.

Window Tint Can Save Your Life In These 5 Situations!

In as much as window tint is used as a decorative addition to offices, vehicles and homes, its usefulness does more than just underscore its aesthetic appeal. In some instances, depending on which form of this innovative product you have installed, it can save your life as indicated from the list shown below.

During natural disasters

With the occurrence of tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes, being able to protect yourself from these disasters and the effects they bring is very essential. Thus, finding a way to shield your office and home from shards of glass which can cause disasters necessitates having window tint. This is especially so for buildings which are located in areas which are prone to these problems. This is because when your window does get broken, window tint is able to hold the shards of glass together preventing them from spewing all over.

Preventing melanomas development

The majority of people spends a lot of time sitting in front of huge windows and travelling in cars every day. If this is not checked, prolonged exposure to these rays can lead to the growth of cancerous cells referred to as melanomas. Thus, by having window tint installed at your home, office or in your car, the effects of skin cancer caused by UV rays can be greatly reduced.

Burglary reduction

In recent times, the rate of burglaries and robberies has increased, leading to extreme injuries and the possibilities of death to many home dwellers. Thus, to prevent burglars from sneaking a peak to see what valuables you have in your house in addition to strengthening the windows to prevent forced entry, it is essential for you to install window tint.

Vehicle safety

Most of the time, petty hijackers and thieves look for easy prey whenever they are orchestrating their heinous criminal acts. It so happens that because of this, vehicle owners are their primary target because they carry with them valuable items such as cell phones, tablets, expensive bags and similar expensive items. Thus, by having window tint installed, you can be able to prevent these criminals from seeing what is in your car and making yourself less of a target as you enjoy your drive or whenever you are transporting valuable goods.

Accident reduction by reducing glare

The leading cause of accidents is due to poor visibility. Most of the time, it is caused by glare from windows, road surfaces and reflective surfaces off objects whenever you are driving. By investing in car window tint, you can be able to greatly minimize the occurrence of glare enabling you to drive safely.

Thus, whenever you are out looking for that window tint for your car, home or office, you should always go for the best quality. This is because you do not need to risk your life based on a simple thing as a cost. Additionally, by going for the best, you will be able to continue enjoying the benefits of window tint for many years to come without the risk of the above situations.

Can Window Tints Help Keep Your Home Cool?

Your home will be inevitably subjected to increased effects of solar radiation if it is constantly exposed to sunlight. This natural phenomenon is traditionally known as the greenhouse effect, which is the build-up of heat caused by trapped solar rays that enter your space. If you do not want to be affected by this intense temperature gain during summer time, read on to find out how you can keep your home cool.

How does a room trap heat from sunlight?

There are three main types of rays from the sun you should know and they include visible light, infrared and ultraviolet rays. Large amounts of these rays can easily pass through unprotected windows and glass panes. When these rays hit an object in your home, that object naturally absorbs it and re-releases the ray in an altered wavelength that produces heat. However, this by-product cannot penetrate your windows like it used to, and for this reason it becomes trapped inside your home.

Conventional ways that people use to reduce heat gain

Many homeowners use interior drapes and curtains to curb the effects of sunlight in their homes, but these solutions are not effective enough to facilitate heat reduction. This is because the solar rays get trapped in your home in that instant when it successfully passes through your windows. With that said, some people would also use exterior shutters to block out sunlight, but they are so opaque that they hardly let any light in. Leaving your home in darkness to prevent overheating is counterproductive and does not seem like a good idea at all.

Window tints are a more effective approach

HVAC systems are pretty good at reducing room temperature, but they need a great deal of energy to operate which incurs high costs in the long run. Window tints, on the other hand, are much more cost-effective, can prevent unwanted solar rays from passing through your window, and allow sunlight to enter your home. Window tints have been proven to reject more than 70% of the sun's heating energy, eliminate potential hot spots in your home and balance out your home's temperature.

How is this possible?

Infrared and ultraviolet rays are known as thermal rays, and the window tints work by intercepting them. When these rays are intercepted, those heat-creating wavelengths will be blocked and only natural light is allowed to pass through. Simply put, the window tints act as a filter to help keep your home’s interior cool, all without affecting natural lighting.

Why you should keep your home cool

It is pertinent that you take extra measures to reduce potential heat as it can be very beneficial for both elderly and young family members. Those, whose age has caught up, may have a decreased ability to shed excess heat through perspiration and increases the risk of exhaustion. Also, overheating may have adverse effects on people who suffer from disabilities or chronic health issues in the long run.

You do not need to think twice about home window tinting in Melbourne as its options come in varying shades, quality and heat shielding properties. Try it today!

Should You Replace Your Windows Or Just Get Window Tints Instead?

Taking into account that radiant heat loss and solar heat gain accounts for one-third of a home's energy costs, each window in the house is considered as an opportunity to save money or lose it. Energy-efficient replacement windows, on the other hand, can help you save on utilities and provide a more comfortable interior. However, keep in mind that they are not suitable for every building. Now, window tints are equally competent and efficient, and their costs are substantially lesser. Hence, it pays for itself by lowering cooling and heating bills. Here’s what you need to know when deciding whether to get window replacements or tints.

Your windows are part of a historic home

If your residence is situated in a historic building, you may face difficulty when replacing them as it may be against your local preservation guidelines. In this case, window tints are great alternatives and they can protect the windows without marring the looks of a historic building. With that said, you should only replace the current windows if they are in poor condition and cannot function properly.

You have many windows at home

Even if your home is installed with many windows, window replacements are not always the best option around unless you are certain that there are serious problems like the windows posing as a potential hazard. If you have to install window tints on more than 700 panes of glass, you will still be able do it at a fraction of the cost of replacing them entirely. Furthermore, the tints can help your reject 99.9% of UV rays and more than 50% of solar heat gain which makes your home’s surroundings much more comfortable.

Considering the Return on Investment for replacements and tints

The costs of replacing a window typically range from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, or even more. Another thing is that these windows are usually guaranteed for fifteen to twenty years. If you got double-pane glass as replacements, there is a risk of a leak in the future when the seal is broken. The leak will allow condensation to take place between the panes, where it is suppose to be an insulating barrier. If the leak occurs under warranty, the window can be replaced without cost. If not, you will have to pay it from your own pocket.

As mentioned, window tints cost a fraction of window replacements. Today's tints are considered to be high-tech and can offer better UV resistance and clarity. As window tints also provide matched energy savings of window replacements, it will take less time to get back what you've invested and you will pay less up front for the same performance. The average ROI is approximately two to three years, and this is substantially faster than replacing your windows. Simply put, window tints have a better overall value when the windows in your home are in an acceptable condition.

If you are planning to make normal glass safer at home, you should opt for home window tinting. This will prevent your kids from getting hurt when they fail to see a pane of glass in front of them.