Are Decorative Window Tinting Films A Better Option For Your Home?

Before we get started, what really are decorative window tinting films? Well, these are thin sheets of vinyl that can transform just about any plain old window glass into something worth your attention. They are a smart and affordable way to brighten up your space while at the same time creating diffuse, ambient lighting. Decorative residential window tinting films are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. This makes them ideal for people looking for attractive and reasonably priced accents that are sure to get noticed.

What are the available decorative tinting film styles? 

While there are many different tinting film designs in the market, films that mimic actual decorative glass are the most prominent. In this case, films that have the appearance of etched or stained glass are preferable due to their classic and conventional aesthetics. Conversely, having etched or stained glass windowpane installed is a costly affair, and the results are normally permanent. On the other hand, with decorative window films, you have the option to have them removed if you do not like what you see after two or three years. Since tinting films are relatively affordable, you cannot spend beyond your set budget to get your desired results. 

Stained and etched glass designs are not the only options available when it comes to decorative window films. People with a taste for flare might want to consider films that look like paintings or murals. But if these are not what you are looking for, you can opt for textured tinting film varieties. These are designed to have a feel and look of block glass. 

Why install decorative films on your windows?

The main reason for installing decorative window films actually has very little to with decoration. For homeowners with spaces they don’t the outside looking in, the large majority of window films are designed to not only look good, but to also offer sufficient privacy. One of the best spaces in a home that  require decorative tinting films application is the bathroom as the need for privacy truly comes into play. For a fraction of the price of installing frosted glass, you can frost your own bathroom windows. And because these kinds of films are made for moisture resistance, you are sure to have the privacy you require for as long as you wish. 

How are decorative window tinting films installed?

In a majority of cases, installation of window films is quite straightforward.  Most of them are manufactured to stick to the glass without the need for an adhesive. Here is to go about the whole installation process. Start by washing the target surface with soapy water. Next, thoroughly wash your hands as the natural oils on them can leave imprints on the film. 

After this, peel the film from its backing and carefully apply it to the still moist glass. It is easier to position the film if the glass is still wet than doing so when dry. You might want to keep a spray bottle with sufficient soapy water handy during the installation process just in case. Lastly, smooth out the film with the right kind of a squeezing product, for instance a squeegee so as to get rid of excess water or air.

All in all, decorative window films can easily be cut with a pair of scissors or utility knife to fit any size glass. Remember to clean the film with soapy water to remove any dirt on the finished product.