I Only Have One Word – BRILLIANT

We had never ending drama’s with controlling the temperature in the office and trying to make everyone happy, on average I was getting at least 3 – 4 complaints a day about it being too hot or too cold.  

Once we had the Tinting installed which was last September I can confidently say that I have only had 1 complaint from 1 team member this was rectified with changing the airflow from the air conditioning vent and since then there hasn’t been any more issues.

Our main problem area was the meeting rooms (north facing) in the morning & then the back of the building (west) in the late afternoons, progressively throughout the day all you saw were blinds going up and then coming back down due to sun glare and trying to keep the heat out.  Since we had the window tint installed the blinds/curtains have remained open or completely pulled up.  Our testing time was the week when we had the heat wave of 41 + degrees, the office/temperature was perfect & no complaints from team members, no sun glare and the blinds remained up the whole time. 

As we had the tint installed in September we haven’t experienced what the office is like during the winter period, but in saying that the days that have been a bit cooler we haven’t had any problems with temperature control or glare.

The Installers of Happy Tint are also very professional, when they were installing the tint there was no interruption to our workplace and they cleaned up as they went along. The services of Happy Tint and the quality of their product I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone. 


Suzi Joseph

MJC Partners Pty. Ltd.