Cheaper Than I Thought

I've always wanted tinted windows, but never really looked into as I thought it would be really expensive.

One morning I found a flyer in the mailbox ''HAPPY TINT''. 

So I called Thursday morning, spoke to rick, who rearranged his afternoon to come and give me a quote.

The quote came in cheaper than I thought. Rick went threw all the options. He even worked out how much heat/cool we were losing an how much we will keep after the tiniting went in. By the next wednesday it was DONE!

Not only does it make my house look much nicer (like tinted windows on cars), people can't see in which is a big thing when you can see what your neighbours are watching on TV in Pakenham.

We are very happy not only with the quick service from HAPPY TINT, but rick and his companies' employees friendly an very helpful team. I have recommended them to many people.

Thanks HAPPY TINT :)

Fallon C