The Improvement the Tinting Has Made is Incredible

Thank you Louise

I really do appreciate good people and quality workmanship, it seems to be seldom experienced in a society that is focused on making every post a winner. It’s a nice feeling and reassuring to see a team that is sincerely united and committed to their job and serving the customer.

... from the first contact with your office staff till the completion of the installation on the house and vehicles was extremely professional, pleasant, caring and trusting it is so hard to find this combination in processes that involve so many individuals and variables, but you have managed to create a great team. I haven’t any more windows to tint but I will have no issues in recommending your trusting, quality and professional service to anyone that need tinting, be that home or vehicles.

David and Essie did a great job and both are very professional gentlemen, I am so glad that I managed to find you again on the internet after you left the Tint Professionals, well done Ric and with your experience, pleasant and professional attitude it been a very easy and satisfying process for me.

PS. The improvement the tinting has made is incredible on the ground floor, upstairs was great when you did it but down stairs is unbelievable, I am very happy.

Kind Regards,

David Pyle.