What Are The Types Of Window Tint Available In the Market Today?

Safety, enhanced privacy and energy efficiency are the main aspects that determine whether you should tint the windows of your home. In case of glass shattering, the tinting film holds together the shattered pieces, preventing them from hitting the home’s occupants. Furthermore, tinting decreases glare from light sources such as the sun, street lights, and the like.

Professional installation is recommended as the results are better than when self-done. Compared to the amount of time an inexperienced installer would take, a professional is a better choice as he takes r only a few hours to have the whole home’s windows professionally tinted. 

Types of window tints available in the market

Before we get started, home tint films are very thin polymer products that come in different tint levels of shades, ranging from very dark to clear. Metals or dyes are then added depending on the wanted level of tint. The choice of appropriate kind of tint for your home’s windows depends on your personal needs and budget. Here are the common types of tinting products available in the market today:

Metalized film

This kind of a tinting film has a wide range of different metals affixed on it during the manufacturing process. It greatly reduces heat from the sun by reflecting UV rays. Although metalized window tinting may interfere with electronic gadgets such as GPS, radio and cell phone, it offers one of the best ways to tint windows in a home. 

Dyed film

This kind of a tinting product for the windows is made by adding specific dyes to a polymer film. This kind of a tint has the darkest appearance and greatly absorbs heat. It is however used for appearance more than heat reduction. It is however great for reducing glare from the sun and other kinds of light during the night. Furthermore, this product is great for prevention of fading on the interiors of a home. Carbon tint is among the favorite option in this category. 

Ceramic tint

This tinting technology is the newest in the market today, and utilizes nano-ceramics to absorb as much heat as double what hybrid or dyed can while upholding lighter shades. This type of a tint offers the best clarity with the highest durability. 

Hybrid tint

This kind of a tint combines metalized and dyed types of tints. The premium kind of a tint reflects and absorbs heat and light making it a popular tinting product. You can opt to install this kind of a window tinting yourself by following the installation guide it comes with, but to make sure you get quality results, ensure to have a professional do the job. 

Crystalline tint

This kind of a tint offers infrared and heat barrier, without necessarily darkening the home’s windows. It consists of more than two hundred layers of films with varying shade levels. The film however provides lighter shade than what is offered by the standard tinting products. It blocks more than 95% of sun rays and 60% heat that come through the windows. This window tinting product however is more expensive than the rest with the average price ranging from between $500 to $800.

All in all, before selecting an installer for home window tinting in Melbourne, it is recommended that you contact several of them for estimates, and understand the products on offer so that you can get the most out of your house tinting investment.