The Perils Of Over-Lighting Your House And How House Window Tinting Can Help

Over-lighting is a real problem, with significant impacts on your health, concentration and productivity as well as comfort. Within an indoor environment, there is a standard level of lighting that is relevant and comfortable for the specific activities undertaken in that specific area. This means that the requirements of a kitchen in terms of lighting may not be similar to the requirements of a library. You need to understand the lighting needs of the rooms in your house in order to establish how much light you will allow them to get. 

Too much light in the bedroom will leave you exhausted from limited sleep

The bedroom does not have to be dark, but if it is over-lit you will be unable to sleep during the day. The morning light will especially have you waking up as early as 6 AM even when you do not need to. This means that you will be exhausted and in most cases unable to maintain your concentration for longer periods of time. In order to avoid the symptoms of regular sleep deprivation, you may want to apply a window tinting film on your bedroom windows. This is to limit the amount of visible light that gets into your bedroom. The idea here is to protect you from the bright morning light that cuts your sleep short every morning. 

A bright living room is fine, but no bright lights in the den please

Your den or TV room needs to have a warm and cozy feel to it. This is why you will have to ensure that it is comfortable and private as well. To do this, a window tinting film with a low VLT will be the best option as it will keep out most of the light, allowing you to enjoy watching the TV even during the day. Keeping the bright lights out of the den is a sure way of making your TV room a great place for the family to hang out regardless of the time. 

Window tinting works for the study too

Most people would assume that window tinting is meant to reduce the amount of lighting. This is usually true, but in some cases it is simply useful in the reduction of the light’s intensity. The study, for example, needs ample lighting, but the sun can be brutal, especially if you are reading or using a computer. It is thus better to install a high VLT film that will keep out the glare and UV rays while allowing in as much natural light as possible. This will allow you to read or work comfortably in your study. 

Too much lighting will affect how comfortable you are, how much you can work and possibly how well you sleep. To avoid the problems linked with over-lighting, contact us and we will be able to help you out with your house window tinting options and solutions. The key is in understanding what you really need in your house!