Why You Should Use Window Tints If You have Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are known by many homeowners as one of the most cost-effective and long lasting improvements they can make in their home that can improve their abode's value in terms of resale and provide ample comfort and warmth underfoot for years on end. However, this type of flooring covering also needs a fair share of maintenance on a regular basis, and you can significantly lengthen the lifespan of your hardwood floor by installing window tints and film in your home. Here are some ways on how such tints can safeguard your floors and create a more ideal space at home.

Complements your eco-friendly style

Hardwood floors are one of the most sustainable flooring options in the market today as the wood is mostly sourced from renewable forests. If one of your major concerns include going green, installing window tints at home would be the next logical step. With these tints, you can regulate the temperature in your space better as harmful ultraviolet rays are almost completely eliminated. The window tints can also reduce the carbon footprint of your home and allow you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle in the long run.

Floor handles temperature changes with ease

Compared to other flooring types, hardwood floor is undoubtedly unique; thanks to its ability to expand and contract as the temperatures vary. Hardwood floors can easily expand during the warmer months and contract during the colder times of the year without sustaining any damage. However, the failure to facilitate proper climate control can wreak havoc on your hardwood floorboards. Certain window tints are known to reduce temperature loss in a room, thus your flooring will less likely be exposed to extreme conditions throughout the year.

Protect against premature fading and damage

A major contributor to hardwood flooring damage is none other than the sun. Its ultraviolet rays will gradually make your floor's finish fade over a prolonged period of time. Hence, you should use window tints to block up these harmful rays from entering your home in the first place. These tints can block up to 99.9 percent of the harmful sun rays, reduce or slow wear and tear on your hardwood floors and furnishings while constantly being exposed to the unforgiving sun.

You should keep in mind that buying window tints for your home is a good investment. The ROI can be realized in a short amount of time. If you share other concerns regarding things like privacy, here is a rule of thumb to keep in mind: There will be less privacy when the tint used is lighter. If the tint is reflective you will get more privacy during the day. The tints tend to become more or less reflective on the inside, and it depends on the brightness of your lighting indoors. Hence, you should pull your blinds or draperies closed at night.

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