How to Avoid Formation of Bubbles under Your Car's Tint Film

People have their cars tinted for different reasons; there are some who do it for practical reasons, and there are others who do it for aesthetic reasons. Well, whatever the motive for making this decision, one of the problems you need to take note of is the risk of bubbles forming under the tint after some time.

Most people consider this to be a normal process of aging, but the fact of the matter is that it can be caused by something as simple as poor workmanship. Having bubbles under the tint will make the tint more ugly, and may even reduce the resale value of the car if you plan on putting it on sale in future. There are a few ways of minimizing the risk of the problem including:

Making sure that the window is clean

It’s important to clean the window thoroughly before putting the tint in place. The reason for this is that when there are impurities such as grease and smoke on the surface of the window, they can prevent proper adherence of the tint to the glass. For this reason, the part with the dirt may end up detaching, sometimes as soon as the tint is put in place.

If you have the window tinted by a high quality expert, you will notice that most of them will go to great lengths to make sure that they clean the window thoroughly, sometimes using special window cleaning products. This is just one of the main reasons why you should consult them when seeking to have the car tinted.

Using high quality tint

The quality of the tint will determine a lot, including the chances of forming bubbles as well as the overall longevity of the tint. There are some manufacturers who are known to produce very good tint, and you should ensure that your tint contractor uses one of these. In some cases, it will be more expensive compared to using generic tint. However, this is worth it since the outcome will be better, and will last a longer time.

The expertise of the contractor

If you look at how tint is put in place, you will be forgiven for thinking that it’s a simple matter of putting the tint on the window and then smoothing it out. The truth is that for the outcome to last long, a lot of expertise and experience has to be used. For this reason, insisting on having the tint placed by a firm that has a long history of handling such jobs would be ideal.

Not only will they be able to put the tint with minimal mistakes, but the fact that they will have been used to doing it means that they are likely to do it in record time as well. This should also discourage you from putting the tint on your own, no matter how simple it seems. You could even find online tutorials on how to do it, but the outcome is not always guaranteed to be of high quality.