Caring For Your Happy Tinted Windows

Once window film has been applied it is very easy to look after.

You can clean your windows in the normal manner, but the following points should be observed:

  • Do not clean the film for at least four weeks after installation.
  • Use a spray, synthetic sponge or a moist cloth to apply the cleaning solution. We recommend a solution  methylated spirits (20%) and water (80%). Do not use anything with ammonia as an ingredient.
  • Warm water and a detergent, methylated spirits and water or a conventional solution may be used.
  • Do not use any brushes or abrasives in the cleaning process as they will scratch the film.
  • “Non- scratching” cleaners such as jiff or abrasives such as Ajax and Bon Ami must never be used.
  • Dry the film with a good quality rubber squeegee, a chamois or a moist soft cloth.

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