Office Window Tinting

Welcome to Happy Tint. We are Melbourne’s office window tinting specialists. When you are running a business, it’s important to keep the office environment as comfortable – and as safe – as possible. Plain glass lets in glare, heat and harmful ultra-violet rays, and worse still, because it is invisible, it can pose a hazard to workers in a hurry.

Of course we all love the sun. But it does have its place – outdoors, and not in your office. Think about it:

Ultra violet protection

Sunlight contains a broad spectrum of frequencies – visible and invisible. We enjoy the visible portion of the spectrum. But at either end of it lie ultra-violet (UV), and infrared (IR). Ultraviolet light (UV) occupies the short-wave end of the spectrum – the frequencies responsible for sunburn, and all that goes with it. And when it plays for extended periods on curtains or soft furnishings, it will “burn” them, too, causing fading and loss of colour. Our commercial window tinting removes up to 99% of incoming UV.

Keeps heat out

We call the longer-wave, lower frequencies of invisible light infra-red (IR), and that’s the stuff that heats up your office and has your air conditioning kicking in more often. Our office window tinting service removes up to 83% of IR, so your power bills will be reduced.


With untreated glass, outsiders can see you nearly as well as you can see them. Happy Tint commercial window film keeps out prying eyes, without the need to draw the curtains.


Glass is transparent – it’s supposed to be! But that tends to make it a hazard for the unwary. Happy Tint film makes your windows visible, reducing the chances of accidents. Better still, if you should happen to break a pane, the Happy Tint film will bind the fragments, limiting the shattering.

Life time warranty

Happy Tint makes office windows look great. But best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty.