Car Window Tinting

In the Melbourne climate, cars can get hot – really hot. Air conditioning can help, but it uses power and fuel. And it will do nothing to reduce the damage done by ultraviolet light to the soft furnishings and wood trim of your pride and joy. To minimise the use of the car’s air conditioner, and protect its interior trim, you really need to treat your car to a car window tinting. And of course a Happy Tint treatment improves the look of most cars.

UV Protection

One important point to note right from the get-go is that the “darkness” of a tint film is not related to the amount of UV it removes. All the car tint films applied by Happy Tint filter out around 99% of incident ultra violet light. The darkness of the tint affects the amount of infrared heat and visible light glare that gets through to the interior of your car.

Shades of tinting

At Happy Tint, we supply all shades of film, up the darkest legal tint in Victoria – currently set to admit a minimum of 35% of visible light. The rearward facing panes of commercial vehicles, however, are not restricted, and may be tinted to any degree of darkness. Applying tint to the windscreen of any vehicle is illegal, although windscreens may have a tinted band applied to the upper edge.

Staying cool and staying private

As well as keeping your car cool and minimising glare, Happy Tint treatment is great for keeping out prying eyes, and giving you a greater sense of privacy.

We come to you

One of the great things about the Happy Tint car window tinting service is that you don’t have to bring your car to us. Book a tinting service in Melbourne, and we’ll come to you to do it. Better still, we give you a lifetime warranty.